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Bring us your ideas to complete and finish your furniture and installations: we will make them perfectly.

Custom sawmill and carpentry works

The whole Provasi production takes place in the production lines of our premises. Besides the manufacturing of mouldings for frames, we make decorations, furniture profiles, decorations for headboards, shapes for chests of drawers and bedside tables and other typical carpentry works.

A line of production completely owned by the Provasi team, that supervises every step of it, from the raw materials to the finished products, with the utmost professionalism and qualified competence. Our sawmill and the varnishing/gold-plating department create also custom products from the sketches and projects of our clients: framers, artists and painters, architects, decorators and interior designers.

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Personalization of mouldings, frames and framed-mirrors

The mouldings and frames for artwork, photos and mirrors are completely customizable, from the shape to the finishing, from the wood within to the color and carving technique.

We have more than 700 unpolished mouldings in our warehouse, ready to decorate, paint and finish according to our clients' needs, for a unique, custom product. Moreover, even the finished items and the ones in the catalogue are customizable.

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Area agents

Call our agents for a no-obligation appointment, to discover our samples and catalogues. And if you have any doubt, let our qualified staff suggest you the right products for you.

Pronto service

Flip through our Pronto Service catalogues: you will find over 200 finished and decorated items, ready for shipping within 48 hours from your order.

Assistance and warranty

All of our products are materials and quality guaranteed. Assistance is one of the strong point of Provasi's philosophy.
100% made in Italy, an artisan excellence.