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Production of wooden frames

Our eclectic and flexible production will meet any request by our appreciated Italian and international clients.

Our production lines

Provasi is your wooden frame mouldings producer. Our flexible structure and own production lines allow the production of all the items we sell.
The company thus guarantees affordable prices, high-quality products and the production of custom orders in a short time.

Thanks to our own sawmill and painting/gold-plating department, we produce frames, profiles and framed mirrors of every design and finishing, also custom-made and in small quantities.

The wood

All our products are made of wood, carefully selected and carved. Our preferred types of wood for the creation of frames and profiles are ramin, lime, fir, oak, cherry, walnut, boron salts-treated ayous, maple, beech and alder.

Several veneered products are available, with different kinds of briar.

Our artisan production ranges from the modern frames to the classic ones, from the carving of pierced mouldings, in briar, coated, to the wooden and plexiglass ones.

Unpolished mouldings warehouse

The company owns a warehouse full of over 700 frame components and unpolished profiles, ready to be painted and polished depending on the requested model or customization.

To meet the urgent requests, Provasi has another warehouse with about 200 painted and polished models (see the Pronto Service catalogue), ready to be shipped within 48 hours.


Our numbers

Thanks to our own production line and warehouse, we can offer the widest array of styles and combinations in no time, while maintaining the high quality that characterize us.
48 hours to ship our Pronto Service items
200 finished products available in our warehouse
700 unpolished frames and profiles, ready to be painted and polished
+1.500 possible combinations of frame mouldings

The manufacturing: wood, our element

The handcrafted manufacturing and finishing by our expert artisans and decorators, with great precision and attention to details, give our frames the uniqueness that only a handcrafted item can have.
Carteggiatura cornici in legno

Sanding of wooden frames

Spruzzatura aste per cornici

Spraying of mouldings

Applicazione colore con pennello

Brush painting

Verniciatura cornici

Varnishing of frames

Doratura foglia oro per cornici

Gold leaf-plating of frames

Argentatura foglia argento per cornici

Silver leaf-plating of frames

Spugnatura cornici

Sponging of frames

Intaglio cornici in legno

Carving of wooden frames