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Briar frames

The frames in briar or in “arte povera” are usually made to contain antique prints, diplomas or certifications and awards. However, they are also widely appreciated to enhance the rustic ambiance or the strong character of a classic and elegant furnishing.

We use burl of maple, mahogany, walnut, hickory and elm, each embellished with wooden inserts like Greek, twisted, pearl, guilloche, etc.

The flat briar frames can be inlaid, with different colors and shapes, geometrical, graceful, Baroque and creative. The frame finishing, instead, can be wax- or sponge-polished.

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  • Briar frames
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Frames in “arte povera”

The frames in “arte povera” are made from ramin wood, and go through a particular treatment (with chains and nails) to give them an older look. Their color can be mellowed with all kind of wooden shade: walnut, ebony, mahogany, natural. Just like the briar frames, they have carefully carved inlays.

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  • “Arte povera” frames
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