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Mouldings for frames

We produce and sell wooden mouldings for frames, from the classic and timeless style, such as the classic and gold-plated ones, to the modern mouldings like the chromed and hand-polished, or wood and plexiglass ones.

The mouldings for frames by Provasi are unique and original, handcrafted by our artisans with both high quality materials and techniques..

Personalized frames

Provasi meets every customer's needs with its mouldings customization service. We will create the profile as you want, from the outline to the color, from the design to the carving.

Every wooden profile can be personalized and custom-made by our artisans, giving life to unique products – both in shape and manufacturing. We produce custom-made items, even in small quantities.

It is possible to personalize the wooden mouldings with different hues and shades of colors and diverse levels of shine and opacity, depending on the different polishing techniques or the sponging of shellac.

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