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Framed mirrors

The framed mirror is the perfect complement furnishing to embellish any corner of your house: entrance, bedrooms, bathrooms.
It's great to furnish offices, waiting rooms, hotels, venues, restaurants... with style.

The wide choice proposed by Provasi meets the most different tastes, from modern to classic, with a great combination of styles and colors, to satisfy every request of our clients.
Model, finishing and size can be chosen among the several profiles of our catalogue, and combined with the colors of choice.

The framed mirror: how to chose the right one?

Mirror and framed mirror are essential everyday life items.
Every day they share all kind of situation with us: shaving, putting on make-up, a last check before going out.

The framed mirror is an important element of the furnishing, to place in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the entrance or in the corridor. It fills a bare wall, decorates and adds light and space to the room.

How to choose the right framed mirror for our living space?


It's essential to choose the dimensions according to the available space. Width, height, not too big, not too small. It should be avoided to put a framed mirror too close to other elements.

Style of the frame

This needs to be chosen according to the furnishing and your taste. A black and white varnished frame would be perfect for modern style furnishing. A gold or silver-plated frame is almost mandatory for a more classic style. The effect of the gold leaf on the wood embellishes all the surroundings.


Let's not forget to be original. A hint of color, an artisan carving, a unique item. The Provasi framed mirrors are handcrafted by our expert artisans. Each and every finishing is different from any other.

Need some help? Send us a picture of the room or of the wall at we will suggest you the ideal framed mirror or a personalized work.