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Frames, framed mirrors and picture frames

Frames, framed mirrors and picture frames mean for Provasi some true complement furnishing, able to draw attention and to express your personality and the vibe of your daily spaces.

The layout of a frame, framed mirror or picture frame of any size connect with the spaces of the rooms, reorganizing equilibrium and balance, redefining the visual, emotional and conceptual paths.

The complement furnishing Provasi go even further: each of them expresses its own creative and artisan process, showing off the beauty of Made in Italy in each detail and handmade finishing.

Custom complements

Are you considering some personalized frames? Do you want to furnish a hotel, making it unique? Are you looking for a framed mirror of a specific size?

Frames, framed mirrors and picture frames can be personalized in shape, design and finishings even for small orders, thanks to our painting and gold-plating departments and sawmill.

For the architects and interior designers looking for a unique and original option, of high artisan quality but still at affordable prices, we are happy to propose our custom-made products.

Do you have the vision of your special frame? Contact us by filling out the form.