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Wooden frames

Our artisans and decorators make handcrafted frames for artwork. The wood we choose, the finishings and the design make the Provasi frames, one-of-a-kind, high-quality items.

There's no limit to the variety of our handcrafted wooden frames: our samples include a wide selection of constantly updated items. Thanks to our own carpentry, we produce frames on request and on our customers' sketches.

Call us at +39 0362 571045 or fill out the form for more information or to set an appointment with one of our agents.

The frame that furnishes

How many of your ideas, dreams, memories, images would you like to frame (and not only in your mind)?

The frames for artwork, pictures and mirrors are actually way more eclectic and flexible than you would think.
Creativity and imagination can inspire new decoration and furnishing styles, combining different borders and contents, unexpected and surprising.

For example, hanging an empty frame, or even more than one, on a wall expresses particular meanings and emotions, becoming the icon of a well-defined style and personality, essential and rigorous in its simplicity. Or rather, putting an empty frame behind an ornament or another complement furnishing will abstract it from the context, enhancing its tridimensionality, like the object was coming out of the frame. Or again, framing a cork or plywood-board, or another light material will create a memo board to pin post-its and reminders: all of this at the heart of a classic, modern or personalized frame.